Why Air Ducts Creates Noise

The movement of the walls of the duct is due to changes in pressure. It is the reason why it creates noise in your AC. The hot air expands your duct; the cold wind made it contract. Several factors affect this type of noise. Whenever you think of checking the unit, you should consider some of the factors that you may encounter with your unit at home.

Factors Affecting the Air Ducts

The Shape of Ducts

Not everyone knows that ducts have three shapes: round, square and rectangular. The duct in circles is quiet; the rectangular ducts are the loudest ones. This sound variation exists since each form has a different threshold for the pressure-volume that it can handle. Circular ducts can take maximum pressure; next is the square ducts, down to rectangular ducts.


If you prefer to replace your ducts with a round shape, ask the AC repair Tampa, FL for a much better solution if you have the other one. They might provide you options like: they will give recommendations specific to your home. They may replace rubber pads to prevent your ducts from rubbing against surrounding materials (such as wood. Precaution will be made through wrapping ducts with fiberglass insulation. Or replace the duct liners to soften the sound.

Gauge Rating of Your Ducts

Metal ducts have gauge ratings, reflecting how strong the metal is. The lower the rating of the gauge, the thicker and stronger the metal. A thick metal withstands more pressure, which is likely to expand, reducing noise. Most home ducts use a 24 – 26 gauge sheet metal.


If everything else in your duct and heating system is working, it means that the ducts have a very high gauge rating (26+). To change the ducts in your system to a stronger, lower duct gauge is the only way to fix it. It is expensive, so you will want to consult a professional to ensure it’s necessary.

Size of Ducts for Your Home

If your duct is very small, you can see your ducts expanding when you turn on the heat. Increasing the pressure expands your ducts, caused by the sound of popping, you hear. Calculating the right duct size for your home is a complex procedure. You need to consider hearing out the best advice of the specialist to have a better option suitable for your home.


You will need an expert to look at your home and perform these calculations. Another thing is, if you think your duct needs expansion, an AC specialist will provide recommendations on how to expand your system.

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