The Proper Way to Clean your Bedroom Air Condition

Cleaning is a meaningful way to keep everything lasting and functioning all the time. It is the same method that you need to do with your AC in the bedroom. The unit might be hard to maintain with its hard to reach the corner, especially if you need to clean most probably inside the room because mostly, AC is easier to clean when the access is clear. Air conditioners work best when the evaporator and condenser coil or cooling fins are clean and straight.

Cleaning the Unit

Most people assume warm air from their air conditioning unit means its low on refrigerant. That’s not always the cause. Often, window and through-the-wall A/C units can’t blow cold air because the evaporator and condenser coils or cooling fins are clogged. You can call an AC repair Fort Myers, FL if none of these procedures work for you.

The Cleaning Procedure

You may need a friend or someone at home who can provide any assistance by doing all this process. You can start by taking out the plastic filter / trim panel holder. Be cautious because it usually explodes. Then remove the unit carefully or slide it against the wall. If you are working with an A / C unit window, remove the case and mounting frame. Case screws are usually located under the edge. Note the location of any odd-length screws as they need to return to the same spots. It would be best if you did this, or it might not work.

Comb Out the Mats

Wear leather gloves to prevent accidents. Ensure aligning the bent cooling fins with a fin comb. Match the right end of the AC fin comb with the fin spacing on your coils. Insert the AC fin comb and pull up to straighten the fins and comb the air conditioner mats. You can buy fin combs in most standard air conditioners and hardware depot.

Clean Out the Crud

By properly cleaning out the crud, make sure to vacuum all visible buildup from both coils. It is beneficial in maintaining the dirt this way before applying the cleaner.

Apply Foam Cleaner

Reach the spray over both coils’ entire surface and let the foam do the work for you. If the formation is massive, brush in the direction of the fins with a nylon-bristle brush.

Service the Fan Motor

While the foam is working, clean the fan blades with a house cleaner or damp cloth. If the fan motor has a plastic- or rubber-capped oiling port, squeeze a few drops of electric motor oil and recap. Lastly, replace the filter. Observing that it never blows cold air, there should be a severe cause to the unit.

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