How to Prevent Water Backups

You notice that the tub, sink, dishwasher, and all water system connected to the sewer get flood when any of you uses them in the house. You suspect that the issue might be in your sewer line, which is right. When the back of the drain is blocked, this is the start of your worst nightmare in the house. The problem occurs when a broken pipe prevents wastewater from flowing into your sewer line. As it continues, the sewer lines and drainage pipes will overflow because of sewer backups.

Common Issues

The source of the backups may not be natural for you to find it. Here are the details of the possible causes, so you know how to fix it. These things will guide you on what information you need. And a professional plumber in Nokomis, FL is just one call away when you need them.

Sewer backup

Do not treat the sewer like garbage disposal nor a trash bin. Anything you put down the sink can cause a clog. Even wet wipes and flushable materials can block there. Something that will not easily breakdown in a simple flush will come close to blockage.

Damaged pipe

Improper installation can damage the pipe. The pipeline may not drain properly if the pipeline is not aligned. Because it fails to remove, sewer waste can form, which will cause backing up. Older homes typically have an older installation of pipes that are prone to cracks and leaks.

Hygiene Products

Cottony materials can be the culprit of sewer backups. Things like wipes or products alike, are not advisable to dump into the sewer. They can be a reason for severe damage.

Greasy substance

Grease is sticky, and once it goes down the sewer, it can become stubborn, which can cause possible backups. Fatty foods should not go down the sink or waste disposal. Because once it sticks to every corner of the pipes, it will be difficult to scrape. It will quickly melt with any chemicals you can use to clean them. In short, you can’t get rid of that right away.


During heavy weather, rainfall can cause a sewer backup to overflow. The water current will give you much hard work due to the materials it brings along during the flood. 

Tree roots

Growing trees near the pipes can damage if not prevented because their roots will penetrate your pipeline as they grow. As possible, consider cutting them at once to avoid future problems.


Small toys can cause harm when they get into the sink. This item will cause massive damage to most households when experts identify what causes most issues within the pipes.

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