Damages Caused by Water Leaks

A water leak is one of the most common plumbing problems in residential and commercial plumbing systems. Water leaks, no matter how small, need immediate attention to avoid causing larger problems. In case you don’t know, even a small leak can cause serious problems.

In this post, I am going to share with you an overview of the damages caused by water leaks.

Property and Structural Damage

Do you have an attic at home? If you have water leaks in the roof, it can cause damage to your attic. If you have sentimental items stored there, they will be damaged by the leak. For houses with no attics, automatically if there is a leak in the roof the damage will be in the ceiling. Fans on the ceiling can be affected by this, including the lights. It will not only damage the ceiling but may affect the walls as well.

Structural damages can happen, not just on your attic and ceiling. It can affect your rafters and frames too. It can even deteriorate the woods and walls wherein the leaking pipe is located. If not fixed right away, the damage will be severe and may cost you more than you imagined.

For problems like roof and plumbing leaks, you should call an expert like the plumber in Bradenton, FL.

Financial Damage

As mentioned earlier under the property and structural damage, leaks may result in costly repairs on properties. If the leaks are left unattended, the damage will be more severe and may require renovation (if not total repair).

Financial damage does not only mean costly renovations and repairs but high utility bills as well. If your pipes leak, it means your water meter does not stop rotating and computing your consumption. It can also damage insulation that will greatly affect the function of your HVAC, which means higher utility bills too because of the higher energy needed for your HVAC to provide the desired temperature.

Fire Hazard

It is water, why would it cause fire hazard. Water is the enemy of fire. Electricity should not come in contact with water. We all know this for a fact. If you have water leaks and it reaches your electrical wirings, what do you think would happen? A short circuit is very likely to occur, which ignites electrical fire. This is a serious matter, not only to your property but to the people living in the house as well. So, if you happen to see a leak near your wirings, turn off your electricity and water line. Then, call a professional immediately to repair the leak.

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